The Lady Behind the Apron

Hello fellow chefs! Welcome to my kitchen!  I will be sharing some of my kitchen tips, recipes and favorite dishes!  I look forward to sharing with you all! And I encourage you to share your recipes or adjustments as well!  
A little history on Chef Vee, I have been cooking since I was 8 years old.  The first think I learned how to cook was swedish meatballs and chicken in oyster sauce.  Wasn't your typical kid that started with toast or pasta! Haha!.  My love for cooking blossomed as I grew older, and wanted to learn a wide range of dishes from different cultures.  Some of my most favorite cuisine is Indian, Jamaican and Thai.  I was privileged to grow up with awesome cooks.  My Grandmother taught me all I need to know about carribean dishes.  My mother was the queen of creativity, stuffing her turkeys with fresh pineapples and oranges at christmas.  My stepmother went to school for culinary arts and pretty much filled in all the other gaps.  Not to mention google! 
In high school I was always the one who cooked for my friends.  I was known as the cook!  And that reputation has never left!
  As I got older baking became a huge part of my life.  A good friend of mine, Sheri Lynne inspired me, and now I love baking just as much!

So that's  a little background on my cooking experience!  Hope you enjoy the recipes I share!  And please share yours too! :)


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